February 19, 2018

A Maternity Nurse

A maternity nurse is a specialist infant childcarer who usually offers a 24 hour on call service to you right after the birth of your baby.

If you require the peace of mind that your newborn baby is in safe hands then they are the choice for you.

Maternity nurses can help with duties such as bottle feeding your baby (especially during the night), giving advice and support to you, help with settling your baby into a routine, taking care of your baby’s laundry and nursery room and most importantly providing support, encouragement and peace of mind.

Much like nannies, maternity nurses can be live in or out and work day or night.

Maternity nurse hours and wage are entirely dependent on requirements however experienced maternity nurses can be expected to be paid upwards of £600 per week.

Cost of hiring a Maternity Nurse:

Maternity Nurses usually take care of their own tax and National Insurance contributions, as they are self-employed. Their salary varies with age and experience. Below is a brief salary guideline.

Cost Type of care
£600 – £950 gross per week Single Baby ( 5-6 days, 24 hour cover )
£800 – £1200 gross per week Twin Babies ( 5-6 days, 24 hour cover )
£1000 – £1500 gross per week Triplet Babies ( 5-6 days, 24 hour cover )
£12.00 – £17.00 gross per hour Days Only ( Singles & Multiples )
£12.00 – £17.00 gross per hour Night Only ( Singles & Multiples )

If the baby hasn’t arrived by the time the nurse is due to start work, she should be paid half pay for the first week and full pay for the second week of waiting.

Any extra duties you require from your Maternity Nurse should be discussed in advance.