February 19, 2018

An Au Pair

An au pair is traditionally known as a cultural exchange student and throughout the world an au pair is known as a person who travels to another country, to live with a host family, care for their children and help around the home in return for accommodation, pocket money and the opportunity to learn a new language and experience a new culture.

Au pairs are usually 18 years of age and older and they are not required to be qualified childcarers, however basic childcare experience is necessary.

The main advantages of taking on an au pair is having someone in your home that can teach your children about a different culture and language, and to provide an extra set of hands around the home.

Au Pairs are paid pocket money with a minimum of £85 per week (but often up to £120) and are treated as a family member. This pocket money is in return for 25-30 hours help per week but is to be given regardless of whether minimum hours are worked. Driver au pairs and au pairs with additional responsibilities are usually paid more.