Au Pair

Being an Au pair abroad is such a fantastic opportunity.  Experience life in the United Kingdom and see how British families live day-to-day.  You’ll be able to make friends around the world and be able to travel throughout the United Kingdom and you can improve your English and attend classes at your nearby colleges.

The title comes from the French term au pair, meaning “on par” or “equal to” An au pair is traditionally known as a cultural exchange student.  In exchange for board and lodging, pocket money and the chance to experience and live in a foreign country, au pairs will provide basic child care services and help around the home.

Becoming an au pair can be a life changing experience.  Most of the staff here at Olives Childcare started as au pairs and still have many a story about those valuable memories.  Because we have understanding through experience, we will be here to help you every step of the way.

Leaving behind family and friends for the first time can be a daunting task, but the adventure of experiencing a new country, culture, lifestyle and family is not to be missed.

Who can be an Au pair?

Traditionally, an au pair is aged 18+, have previous childcare experience, be a secondary school graduate (high school) or equivalent, have no criminal record and be in good health

Hours on duty:

Au pairs must be prepared to help their host families with their children and some light household work.  The hours can be up to 5 hours per day or a maximum 25-35 hours per week with a weekly pocket money of a minimum of £65 per week regardless of whether the minimum hours are worked. An au pair plus can expect to work up to 35 hours per week for £95-100 pocket money. During the school holidays an au pair may be asked to look after the children for more hours when the parents are working. However extra pocket money should be paid to compensate the extra hours worked.  Two evenings babysitting per week are included as part of the programme.  Extra pocket money should be paid for any additional evenings.

Au Pairs are paid pocket money between £65 to £100 per week and are treated as a family member.  Driver au pairs and au pairs given additional responsibilities are usually given more.

Free Time:

The Au pair must be given free time to attend language school.  Two days per week must be free and any evening when babysitting is not required. Au pairs should be offered one full weekend per month.


The Au Pair is entitled to one week paid holiday for every six months of working for a family.

Language School

Au pairs must be given enough time to attend language school. This may take the form of private lessons or group classes at a language school. 
Au-Pair’s are responsible for their own fees, but it is extremely helpful if the family can assist them in finding the most suitable colleges.

Duties of an Au Pair

The primary duties of an au pair are to supervise the children, and see to their needs. An au pair can be responsible for any or all of the of the following:

  • Getting the children ready for the day, washing and dressing them.
  • Taking the children to and from school.
  • Taking the children to extra activities, such as sports, music lessons etc
  • Arranging outings such as trips to the zoo, parks, museums, etc.
  • Organizing and coordinating “play dates” with the children’s friends.
  • Provide arts & crafts and educational activities for the children.
  • Assisting with homework, ensuring that all necessary work is completed and assisting with projects, revision, etc.
  • Organizing doctor and dentist appointments, haircuts, etc.
  • Running errands and doing grocery shopping.
  • Preparing nutritious meals for the children.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of the home as affected by the children.
  • Washing dishes, including loading and unloading dishwasher
  • Keeping kitchen tidy and clean, including sweeping and mopping floors
  • Loading and unloading laundry into washing machine
  • Everything to do with keeping their own room/bathroom clean and tidy
  • Other relevant duties as needed according to your unique family requirements.



To Apply you should have;

  • Some childcare experience
  • A character reference
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Basic English
  • Already hold or be prepared to undergo an enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check
  • Passport and proof of eligibility to work in the UK


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows you to access state-provided healthcare in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland at a reduced cost or sometimes free of charge.  It is necessary to obtain this card before you travel and preferable if you can also obtain extra health and travel insurance before joining your host family.

You can apply for your EHIC form at the following website for free

How to apply to Olives Childcare

The application process is easy! Start by filling out our online short pre-application form and we will get in touch with you.

Au Pair PLUS

An Au pair PLUS usually works up to 35 hours per week and also does two evenings of babysitting each week.  Au pair PLUS receive pocket money of £80 – £110 per week proportionate to the number of hours.