It’s been a while since our last post but I hope you’ll forgive us!

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun reading some other people’s blogs so thought it’d be nice to share them with you.  Some of them occasionally contain a bit of naughty language but not too much, so please do not hold me responsible.

 Below are a list of my current favourites which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do!

1 – The Bibsey Blog
The Bibsey Blog is an absolutely fantastic (and my current personal favourite) written by a mother who moved to spain with her husband whilst heavily pregnant.  It’s all about her trials and tribulations of having left the rat race for London and the birth and raising of their little girl in rural Andalucia. 
She has a fantastic (and some times way too honest) sense of humour and is a great read for new parents and nannies alike.
In her own words:

“Here I will write from the perspective of a newbee to Spain, and babies, about the ups and downs of moving to Spain and the joys and humiliations of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.  I believe there is no such thing as Too Much Information. So, there may occasionally be a word or two on constipation, bowel movements (not just Bibsey’s, although it is of course a favourite topic) and piles.

Bibsey Mama”

2 – I Saw your Nanny Blog
I Saw Your Nanny is a fantastic blog written by nannies across the world.  It is an open website that nannies may submit blog posts to, for sharing information, experiences or just getting steam off their chest.  The posts are moderated and are all entirely confidential allowing nannies to discuss issues without fear of upsetting their families but also providing advice and information on becoming a better nanny.
The issue of nannies and au pairs is a complicated one due to confidentiality (this can best be explained by this particular scenario found in the guardian), but this website seems to have got it right.  It’s not just a great resource for nannies and au pairs or mother’s help, it’s also a fantastic blog for parents to better understand how to treat their nanny for a happier working relationship.

3 – A Dad’s Life
Art Pennom is quite widely known for his web column ‘A Dad’s Life’.  This was a difficult one for me – if I’m entirely honest I wasn’t hugely excited about it as I found it all a bit too serious, however many friends are big fans of the blog and apparently it’s fantastic.  I’ve been told this so many times that I thought it would be rude not to include it.

4 – English Dad in Moscow
In a similar vein to the Bibsey Blog, ‘English Dad in Moscow’ is rather surprisingly, a blog written by a SAHD (stay at home dad) living in Moscow and all of the trials and tribulations that brings.  I really enjoyed this blog as it is very tongue-in-cheek but also brutally honest and one that I think many parents would be well equipped to sympathise with.

3 – A Modern Mother
Writen by an ex marketing executive called Susanna, ‘A Modern Mother’ is a really funny and honest blog.  Susanna is not only a fantastic blogger, but is also credited with starting the British Mummy Bloggers Network which in itself is an increadble source for a blog addict like myself.
In her own words -
“You need to be aware that I sometimes blur the lines between reality and something more interesting than reality. If you were at home all day with the kids you would do the same thing.”
Very funny and a great read.

Well, that’s my list and I hope you like it.  If anyone has any suggestions of family or childcare blogs that I should read it would be fantastic.  Maybe if there weren’t so many good blogs like the ones on this list, I would spend more time writing my own rather than reading other people’s, but I’ve only got myself to blame for that one.

If you write one of these blogs and would like to thank us for giving you some free promotion, we wouldn’t turn it down either.