How we can HelpHow we can help you

Here at Olives Childcare we understand your family needs.  Finding a suitable nanny, au pair, maternity nurse or mothers help that you are happy to let look after your family is paramount and there is nothing more important to us than ensuring that you find exactly who you need.

As the only agency in London that is made up entirely of ex childcare professionals we have a unique insight into recognizing a family’s needs and matching the right childcarer for you.

We have a 24-hour emergency help line for all registered families to give you the peace of mind that no matter the problem, we’ll be here to help.


 What our Nannies, Au Pairs, Maternity Nurses and Mothers Help can do for You

Olives Childcare can offer you a whole range of childcare professionals to choose from, tailor made to your specific needs so that you receive exactly the kind of support your family requires.  Nannies, Au Pairs, Maternity Nurses and Mothers Help all do very specific types of work, which we explain on ‘What Kind of Childcare do I Need’.

Choosing a helper for your family should be an enjoyable experience and that is what we aim to give you.

We understand that in the fast paced society which we live in, raising a child or several children can be extremely demanding on family life and finding that perfect work/play ratio becomes increasingly difficult.

Employing a childcare professional is the perfect way of increasing the amount of time that you are able to devote to your family, as well as your other requirements.

Olives Childcare offer a range of childcare professionals such as au pairs, nannies, mother’s help and maternity nurses. Having someone around who can drop off and pick up your child or children from school, take them to after school activities, entertain and care for young ones during the day, be there during difficult nights, assist with light household chores and cooking, help with education and even languages, to expert help such as speech or behavioral therapy.