Who We Are & Why Choose UsWho we are & Why choose us

Welcome to Olives Childcare!  We are a friendly and personable childcare agency, that loves children and helping make happy families.

We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done making families lives easier and their little ones lives more colourful!  Have a look around the website – all of our photos are of families, children and childcarers that we’ve worked with and we’re proud to show them off!

Olives Childcare Agency is uniquely placed amongst all London agencies as it is the only agency where every single employee has experience as both a child carer and recruiter – we know how to find exactly the right carer for your family.

Ensuring your family receives the highest quality of care and support is paramount.  Knowing that not only your child is in safe hands, but also that your childcarer has the support they need is something that we strive for.

We only place the most qualified nannies and maternity nurses, whilst our au pairs and mother’s helpers are thoroughly screened too.

All of our childcarers are rigorously screened to make sure they are experienced and can be trusted with children.  We personally interview each nanny and check their education, training, skills, gaps in their employment history and work experience.

Join us and find out why our families and childcarers keep coming back!