February 19, 2018

Mother’s Help

Mother’s help is used to describe a childcarer who offers similar services to a nanny, whilst not holding any qualifications. They are expected to help with tasks around the home and work alongside parents much more than a nanny.

Mother’s helpers are not nannies and cannot be expected to take full responsibility for the children unless they take occasional sole charge of older children.

They are usually aged 18+. Mother’s Helpers are also usually willing to work more than Au Pair Plus anything between 30-50 hours per week plus two evenings babysitting.

The role of a mother’s help professional is to lighten the load and take some pressure off of the family. A mother’s helper will assist the parent(s) with childcare and housekeeping duties. These duties will be carried out under the supervision of the parent.

A mother’s helper can expect to be paid between £150 and £350 per week depending on age and experience. Qualifications are not necessary, however they will have childcare experience.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that tax and national insurance contributions are paid.