July 12, 2018

Terms and Conditions

Olives Childcare charges a set fee based on the type of childcarer employed on engagement of any suitable candidate for a placement that is intended to be employed by family, or taken on as an au pair. Please note the fee has no bearing on the wage you pay the employee. The interviewing, acceptance and/or subsequent engagement of an employee through the agency will be deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are non-negotiable.

Our fees are as follows –
Au Pair Placement – £500
Mother’s Help Placement – £800
Part Time Nanny Placement – £1000
Full Time Nanny Placement – £1500

Invoicing will occur once the client has interviewed and agreed to employ the candidate and payment must be made before the candidate is due to start work.

Candidate’s confidential information is sent for the express purpose of the current position you have registered with Olives Childcare and should not be shared with any other party. Should you choose to pass on these details to a third party or employ the candidate yourself at a later date therefore bypassing the agency you will be charged the appropriate fee for any subsequent engagement that occurs. Olives Childcare is not responsible for any interview expenses howsoever incurred by the client.

Clients engaging staff in excess of 12 weeks should sign a contract with the intended employee confirming the engagement. This should include the duties expected, the salary and free time agreed. This is an independent agreement between employer and employee. A sample contract may be obtained from the agency, however independent legal advice should be sought regarding employment contracts if required.

The client shall be responsible for obtaining work and other permits if required, for the arrangement of medical examinations and/or investigations into the medical history of any applicant, and satisfy any medical and other requirements or qualifications required by the law of the country in which the applicant is engaged to work. Olives Childcare will refer to their candidate’s expected weekly wages in net terms, it is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that they are clear on all payments that they will lawfully be required to pay on behalf of their employee to HMRC.

Whilst every care is taken to introduce suitable applicants whose references are checked by the agency before duties commence, clients are urged and advised to take up references to their own satisfaction as after the engagement has been concluded the agency cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, delay, clash of personalities or for any other circumstances that may arise beyond its control and which should be resolved between employer and employee.

In the unlikely event of the placement not being a success, resulting in the engagement being lawfully terminated by the client or candidate within 8 weeks of the date of commencement of the placement (inclusive of notice being served), the client qualifies for one free replacement or applicable refund should a replacement not be found (a charge of 1/12th of agreed fee paid for each week the Nanny has been in your employ will apply.)

Please note the 8 weeks replacement/pro rata refund policy starts with the initial engagement and is not renewable on the replacement nanny. The replacement or refund request must be made within 4 weeks of the termination of the employment and within 8 weeks of the date of commencement of the placement. There is no refund or replacement after the 8-week period has expired. Clients continuing to employ a candidate placed by Olives Childcare will be liable for the appropriate fee even if they claim that the candidate’s work is unsatisfactory during that time. Should the client opt not to have a replacement childcarer, a charge of 1/12th of the agreed fee paid for each week the candidate has been in your employ will apply. In addition, a further 20% of the Agency fee due to be refunded will be retained by the agency.

Refunds and replacements will not be given if payment terms have not been met, and the agency has not been informed within 48 hours of the said termination. Refunds and replacements are only applicable if all of the terms have been abided by and will not be given if the position differs from the information originally given to the agency on registration, or is not consistent with the independent nanny/client contract or the specifications for the position change.

For Temporary staff, a placement is considered temporary when registering a position for specified dates that do not exceed 12 weeks. The weekly fee for the candidate will be charged for each week (Monday-Friday) or part thereof that the candidate is booked. In cases where a candidate is engaged for specified dates but continues to be employed or allowed to remain in the household on a paid or unpaid basis beyond the booked date the client will be charged the appropriate additional fee. Please note that if a temporary candidate is engaged for more than 12 weeks a full agency fee will be charged as per our fees structure page. The fee charged for any candidate is applicable to one engagement. A further fee will be charged for re-engagement at any time.

In the event that any Candidate is rejected by the Client or the Candidate rejects the offer of employment, and is subsequently employed by the Client in any capacity whatsoever within a period of twelve (12) months of being introduced to the Client, the Client shall pay a full fee to the Company based on the current salary and benefits. For the avoidance of doubt, the twelve (12) month period will commence from the day the Candidate is rejected by the Client or the Candidate rejects the Clients offer.

In the event that a Client introduces, intentionally or otherwise, a Candidate to another firm, corporation, family or any other third party, including any subsidiary, parent or associated company, resulting in the employment of that person, firm, corporation or other or third party within twelve (12) months of being introduced by the Client, the Client shall pay the full fee based on the salary and benefits.

NOTE: A booking of one week or under will be charged as a full week, and should a booking extend into the following week or part thereof, this will also be charged as a full week.

Should a client cancel during the contracted period no refund will be available.

As Agencies who supply nannies do not directly employ the nanny they are not able to insist upon DBS checks. However Olives Childcare encourage all potential applicants to have a DBS check. If a candidate who does not have an up to date DBS and/or are making steps to have her/his DBS check done, then the agency will inform clients of the DBS status of the nanny they are employing.