It’s been a while since my last blog but seeing as it’s fireworks night I thought it’d be nice to help you all find the best places to go near you.  Remember to be safe – fireworks night is a lot of fun, but potentially dangerous (don’t get us started on sparklers!) so first and foremost, safety is key.

Click here to go to a great link the government has provided for advice on the safe use of fireworks which is a must for any nanny, au pair, childcarer or family to read before using fireworks around children.

Now that we’ve done the safety bit, I’ve compiled some great sites for information on where to go tonight.

If you’re based in London, Time Out is usually my go to website for great places to go.  My personal favourite has always been the Victoria Park Guy Fawkes Night celebrations in East London, however unfortunately for us this year, Newham Council will not be funding it due to the additional cost this year of hosting the London 2012 Olympics.  Still, fear not, as they are putting on many smaller but still fantastic displays all over the east.  The equally incredible Alexandra Palace Firework display has also been cancelled this year, which is a huge shame, however it’s a good reason to see something different this year.

For those of us in Manchester, there are some great firework displays planned, as are these great websites for Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Brighton and Hove, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Plymouth, as well as this great interactive map for Liverpool.

On Monday 7th November, I’ll be babysitting a friend’s children and we’re very excited about going to the Christmas Lights opening in Stratford City Westfield in East London, where there will also be a fireworks display and performances with Justin Bieber!  To read more about this, click here

Let me know where you went for fireworks night!  We’d love to hear from you and maybe get some suggestions of seeing something new next year!

Have fun and be safe